Case Studies

Success Stories
These are case studies based on our most successful clients
Social Media
We do not offer just social media advertsing, but social media management
Web Development
Although we are primarily a marketing agency, our industry connections help find our clients nearly any kind of web developer they need
Graphic Design
Our network also includes graphic designers, who are experienced and cost effective
Our network includes videographers with the full range of filming equipment, editing software and skills
If necessary, we can assist you with finding high quality commercial photographers and editors in our networks
Digital Marketing
Of course, we are primarily digital marketers and we are fluent in many digital marketing platforms and software
EasyMigrate Google Ads
EasyMigrate Google Ads
Reducing Cost Per Conversion (Phone Calls, Form Submissions) of EasyMigrate significantly, from the highest of $69.68 to a total average of $9.82 from October 2019 to February 2020
EasyMigrate SEO
EasyMigrate SEO
EasyMigrate's SEO grew by 28.42% when compared with the same period last year. Significant growth of unique users visiting the website, taking into account seasonality by doing a previous year comparison
Healthwest Google Ads
Healthwest Google Ads
307% Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) for Healthwest's sole Google Ads campaign, a Google Shopping Ad in the month of January 2020
Australia Bound Migration Facebook Ads
Australia Bound Migration Facebook Ads
Producing a consistent and effective lead generation campaign for the client at a very low cost, average $3.54 per Form Submission.