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The benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency are proven. These companies exist all around the world, and come in all shapes and sizes. We also have a guide on commissioning a digital marketing agency of the right size, and we firmly believe such agencies will be of benefit to your business. We specialise in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM), in advertising. However, the service offering of a digital agency can vary greatly.

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COVID-19 has changed how people react to businesses. The times have changed and the economy worldwide is no longer robust. Supply chains are broken, economic fallout from COVID-19 made most poorer, since they lost their job. So the question is, what is (or are) best business in recession post COVID-19?

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Digital Advertising is a cost effective and accountable way to advertise your business. The biggest Digital Marketing networks are Google, followed by Facebook. This has enabled businesses to reach audiences more accurately and advertisers are given more data and better targeting than ever before. But how does online advertising work? Will it help you lift your brand or help expand? To answer your question, we will first need to understand how the Ad Auction works. The Ad Auction is similar on both Search Platforms like Google and Bing, and even Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. There are even Display Advertising platforms like Yahoo and Taboola.

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By now you would have heard of video conferencing platform Zoom, a business who has risen in immense popularity during the first quarter of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Zoom is nothing new however, they have been around since 2011 and have been steadily increasing their capabilities with the backing of many prominent venture capital firms.

If you aren’t familiar with Zoom video conferencing, take 37 seconds to watch this overview of the product.

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The benefits of an agency to outsource your digital marketing is proven. Where a one man team cannot achieve as much for many obvious reasons, a marketing agency with a strong team can deliver great results.

However, very little discussion is around the right fit of a marketing agency for your needs, and sometimes there is a mismatch between agency and client, leading to frustration and broken dreams.

The landscape of marketing is constantly changing with technology, getting the right exposure is increasingly complex. These days even starting a blog is not so simple. Being ready to spend on advertising campaigns may not always yield results.

Every business is different and is at different stages. There is such a thing as the correct size of an agency for your needs. Hence this article aims to explain “Why Hire A Marketing Agency With The Right Size”. We want to give some tips and inform choice by giving tools to give the best fit.

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