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Data. Data, meaningful data is the coveted, vital holy grail of Analytics and Data Driven Marketing. Jepto is the newest artificial intelligence and predictive analytics marketing tool that is the first of its kind, using machine learning to monitor KPI and predict whether they will be met or will fall short.

There have been a number of platforms which try to use artificial intelligence, such as Crystal, which I have used. It was a terrible product and did not do anything useful.

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It is late April 2020. COVID-19 has decimated many businesses and activity is low. Borders are more or less closed and flights into the country at a very low rate. Using anonymous data from a client, a leading Australian Migration Agency, I aim to explain that whilst demand is affected, there remains strong demand, and a prudent business owner would reposition themselves rather than cut down on costs excessively and stop growing.

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A Google Consultant can mean a number of things. It could mean a consultant working directly for Google. But it can also mean a consultant external to Google, such as our business, Marketlytics. In this case, we are Google Consultants and the rest of the article follows this definition.

There is also a very specific role in Google Ads (previously AdWords) called an Account Strategist. This article seeks to explain the differences of external consultants like us, and Account Strategists, who come directly from Google. Both advise and help manage your campaigns, but have very different roles and objectives. To clarify, we suggest that both have their place and role and should work in concert rather than pure opposition.

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Data driven digital marketing is a buzz word in the world of marketing. Most marketers seek to be data driven in digital advertising and other fields. This is because by using analytics ad insights, a business can be equipped with the best overall strategies that achieve the best results.

As an agency, this is what we aspire to achieve, and we have the tools of the trade. Our professionals learn the top evidence based strategies available today. We are always looking for new technology to achieve the objective of our campaigns faster, better, and cheaper.

Marketing has evolved from having very little data to having too much data! To analyse effectively is a valuable skill that uses means most people are not accustomed to.

This article seeks to explain how we carry out this approach in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We provide a number of solutions for clients, and we want all of them to be successful.

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