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Data. Data, meaningful data is the coveted, vital holy grail of Analytics and Data Driven Marketing. Jepto is the newest artificial intelligence and predictive analytics marketing tool that is the first of its kind, using machine learning to monitor KPI and predict whether they will be met or will fall short.

There have been a number of platforms which try to use artificial intelligence, such as Crystal, which I have used. It was a terrible product and did not do anything useful.

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It is late April 2020. COVID-19 has decimated many businesses and activity is low. Borders are more or less closed and flights into the country at a very low rate. Using anonymous data from a client, a leading Australian Migration Agency, I aim to explain that whilst demand is affected, there remains strong demand, and a prudent business owner would reposition themselves rather than cut down on costs excessively and stop growing.

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We target the Australian migration industry, providing digital marketing services. We provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specifically for Australian migration agencies and migration law firms, and we are not green horns. We seek to answer the question in this article, is there finally a digital marketing agency who truly specialises in building the audience of an Australian migration company?

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