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Data. Data, meaningful data is the coveted, vital holy grail of Analytics and Data Driven Marketing. Jepto is the newest artificial intelligence and predictive analytics marketing tool that is the first of its kind, using machine learning to monitor KPI and predict whether they will be met or will fall short.

There have been a number of platforms which try to use artificial intelligence, such as Crystal, which I have used. It was a terrible product and did not do anything useful.

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Is Facebook Advertising Effective For Lawyers? Facebook is used for many businesses and some lawyers. We seek to help you decide whether Facebook is the right channel for your law firm.

Many firms target their audience via Google Ads. It is an obvious choice for lawyers because of “Search Intent”, helping lawyers get qualified clients. However, does Facebook Ads make sense in your law firm’s marketing?

Targeting audiences in Facebook is very powerful because it has a large audience base, and machine learning has processed many signals, allowing for effective reach via mechanisms such as the Facebook Pixel.

Google’s PPC data is based on keywords, whereas Facebook is based on psychographics. The difference is that keywords are finite but steady flowing the visitor is active, whereas a Facebook audience is a group of passive potential clients.

Campaigns for both behave very differently.

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We offer Social Media Marketing Perth Services with a primarily local team based in WA, Australia. We provide digital advertising as a specialisation, and we specialise in the Facebook Platform including Instagram.

The most important considerations when choosing an agency for your business in this regard is whether they use a data driven approach. This approach is frequently claimed, but rarely executed correctly. We were trained by some of the best in the industry, which is of course, Americans, as that is where all the technology and capabilities came from. 

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