In our first Data Driven Marketing Perth event, here:

We have achieved full capacity, three weeks ahead of schedule!

The event is on 17 March 2020.

We have also updated the Meetup Group description, extracted here:

What we’re about

Data Driven Marketing Professionals in Perth from all types of digital marketing channels like Search and Social Media.

This means we cater to professionals and business interested in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, Social Media Management and niche or minor channels like LinkedIn or Microsoft Advertising.

This Meetup is for like-minded professionals to network, refer and grow.

We have special interest in technical skills and certification.

Business owners, HR looking to recruit talent or learn welcome.

This is not a money spinner for the organiser because guest speakers are frequently invited and there is more than one marketer/agency present in all quarterly meetings.

We believe not only in Data Driven Marketing, but “Better Marketers, Better Clients”.

If Digital Marketers delivered more consistently, we would not be looked at as used car salesman or snake oil salesmen.

By lifting up the quality of the industry as whole, mistrust of the marketer is reduced, and therefore all marketers receive better clients who understand expectations much better.

We have a Facebook Page:

And a Private Facebook Group (we qualify everyone who applies very carefully):

We invite complementary industries and their associates to these events frequently, so there will be a good mix of marketer, non-marketer including web developers.

~Better Marketers, Better Clients

This whole initiative lies on this simple concept described above: Better Marketers, Better Clients. We will not repeat ourselves, you have to read the statement, but this is the core of why we need such events in Perth and Australia.

We have surveyed Meetup for Digital Marketing related events in the past, and previously, they were all money spinners for the organiser. The organiser is the star.

We do not monopolise the stage and invite professional speakers from other agencies as a matter of priority.

However, now, there seems to be a growing number of Perth Meetups focused on the Digital Marketing Professional, and we actively participate.

If you want examples of data driven marketing, look here for SEM, and here for SMM.

As part of our commitment to Better Marketers, Better Clients we have written a guide here for non-marketers when considering an agency.


It is going to be a fun and educational night with plenty of networking opportunities, if you want in, join up here:

I am a passionate and detailed Digital Marketer, running my own agency, Marketlytics in Perth, Western Australia. I specialise in Digital Advertising and I am trained in Analytics. I am a former Lawyer, International Real Estate Agent and Migration Agent, twice published in legal peer reviewed journals and sold record amounts of Australian property. Now I bring excellent results to my clients through Digital Marketing


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