Data driven digital marketing is a buzz word in the world of marketing. Most marketers seek to be data driven in digital advertising and other fields. This is because by using analytics ad insights, a business can be equipped with the best overall strategies that achieve the best results.

As an agency, this is what we aspire to achieve, and we have the tools of the trade. Our professionals learn the top evidence based strategies available today. We are always looking for new technology to achieve the objective of our campaigns faster, better, and cheaper.

Marketing has evolved from having very little data to having too much data! To analyse effectively is a valuable skill that uses means most people are not accustomed to.

This article seeks to explain how we carry out this approach in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We provide a number of solutions for clients, and we want all of them to be successful.

Businesses need to understand their touchpoints and the marketer must use analysis for the business in order to provide accurate targeting in data driven campaigns. All decisions from the marketer must be from accurate and meaningful information that will identify challenges and bring transformation. That is the key to improve growth.

Video Summary

Our SEM Toolkit

Our toolkit for SEM are as follows:

  • Google Ads, Bing Ads, or equivalent
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Data Studio
  • Industry Software
  • Calculators

Tools and toys are very useful, but what determines the success of an SEM campaign is strategy. Without this, marketers will not obtain the right customers.

Many SEM campaigns never see a positive return, and that is why customers irk at every mention of running Google Ads or similar. They simply had a terrible experience. What we hope you will discover is that clients who do not get results either do it themselves or hired incompetent companies most of the time. However, it may be the case that there is no market for the service or product or it is a saturated and competitive market.

The Most Important Step

The first thing any marketer should do with their client in order to be data driven, is to set goals. Without goals, how would you measure success? How would you know where you want to be?

It is not always easy to make these goals, which have to be based on numbers and statistics from the company in order to create a coherent SEM strategy. It can be a big ask, but if accurate estimates are supplied, it could help determine the viability of SEM advertising and under what circumstances.

Here is a sample Goals Calculator we use:

Sample Google Ads Goals Calculator

As you can see this is a powerful tool to give clarity and direction to your marketing. As a customer of our agency, you will know your targets and what we need to achieve to get you your desired result. Too many agencies lack direction when they do not go about this process. 


We use a detailed process to discover the best keywords according to the Google Keyword Planner, and we even analyse Google Trends when needed, to predict consumer behaviour and increase the prospects of profit.

We are not doing gut driven marketing, we are data driven marketers.

We offer a 10 minute Google Ads Audit for SEM customers using Google Ads, you can get one done by booking a meeting via the button below:

Get Proposal

This is going to analyse how effective is your Google Ads Setup. It easily identifies:

  • Campaign Structure
  • Targeting
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Whether There Is A Set And Forget

A Set And Forget is the worst thing that can happen when receiving services from an agency. This is a situation where the marketer just sets up Google Ads then does nothing. No continued improvement, no adjustments, nothing, then proceeds to collect your fees. We are active SEM managers and monitor our accounts at regular intervals.

It is a competitive market. Without consistent work on your SEM advertsing, the impact of your efforts are hampered and sales not as its highest.

We have been trained to apply best practices (we were trained by people who invented these systems, the Americans themselves). We leverage, not only our team, but a large community of marketers who help us grow and help you be different from the majority who do not do well in their SEM advertising. 

Our highest expertise is in SEM, where if you look at the case studies here you will see we have solid results, with a system that works.


We also have other services like email and social media marketing. We combine it with some content marketing to power a complete customer journey from finding out about the product or service to finally becoming a paying customer. Our strategy is to combine five different key areas with the aid of technology in order for you to start to capture more sales and leads.

If the assessment based on data shows you can make money with SEM advertising, the chances of you getting to that point where profits are made are higher. 

We believe that when we take data and optimise based on that data, we have the best insights, revolutionising your results in SEM and our other service offerings. 

To analyse your business website use this button:

Analyse My Site

How does your current SEM provider handle your Google Ads? Do you know?


What is the most important step to Data Driven SEM (e.g. Google Ads)

Goal setting based on your estimated or actual business metrics

What do most SEM providers fail to do for their clients?

Proper keyword research and using estimates and forecasts from the SEM platform such as Google Ads

What is the worst thing that can happen to an SEM client?

When an agency doe a “set and forget”, the client does not receive ongoing care and the results from this advertising will never be optimised

How can you know your SEM campaigns are well run?

Contact us and we will do a 10 minute audit of your SEM campaigns, such as Google Ads

I am a passionate and detailed Digital Marketer, running my own agency, Marketlytics in Perth, Western Australia. I specialise in Digital Advertising and I am trained in Analytics. I am a former Lawyer, International Real Estate Agent and Migration Agent, twice published in legal peer reviewed journals and sold record amounts of Australian property. Now I bring excellent results to my clients through Digital Marketing


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