Data. Data, meaningful data is the coveted, vital holy grail of Analytics and Data Driven Marketing. Jepto is the newest artificial intelligence and predictive analytics marketing tool that is the first of its kind, using machine learning to monitor KPI and predict whether they will be met or will fall short.

There have been a number of platforms which try to use artificial intelligence, such as Crystal, which I have used. It was a terrible product and did not do anything useful.

Jepto, on the other hand has so many benefits and is well thought out, yet friendly to users with an easy onboarding process, this is a piece of software agencies and serious online marketers have to watch out for. It signals a modern era of data science powered software, a platform mining many data points, identifying and processing patterns quickly. The predictions Jepto provides help keep you on your toes and push you to really improve marketing efforts to get customers with the advanced knowledge you gather.

The main intelligent features of Jepto are:

  • KPI Monitoring
  • Budget Management
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Task Automation

Some of this Review content is borrowed with permission from the Jepto blog.

Why Jepto’s KPI Monitoring is Game Changing

Digital Maketing Activity can have many goals. Whether our clients are trying to increase website traffic, increase their social media following, or even specific goals like form completion, Jepto enables the monitoring of these KPIs in a way never done before. It analyses and processes historical data and makes projections. 

For example, if our client wants more website visitors and improve conversion to a customer, and at the same time, increase their website traffic from 15,000 visitors per month to 20,000. They want to see these results within six months. Our agency is expected to achieve this goal through link building and improved keyword ranking. By looking at KPIs like total organic traffic, the number of links built, keyword rankings, and most importantly, total website conversion rate, we have a measure to find out what is working and what is not. With Jepto, you do not have to rely on assumptions.

Did we achieve 20,000 website visitors per month? Or did we exceed this goal? Were there more customer conversions? KPIs help answers these questions and help us determine client ROI. They can show how much we spent vs. the goals we were able to achieve.

Did we spend too much just for minimal results? If our client only achieved 17,000 monthly visitors, what went wrong? What can we do to get better results? These are the questions we can identify after measuring KPIs

Here’s a snippet from the Jepto blog:

Below are the categories KPIs fall under and how they can help your marketing strategy:

Consumption Metrics: Whether it’s page views, time on page, or CTR, consumption metrics show how many people have seen your campaign or content. Is your client getting the website traffic and clicks they desire? If not, what can be done to get more people to click through?

Social Metrics: How viral is your campaign? Is it getting likes, shares, comments, and mentions? Is it generating enough buzz to keep people talking? What’s the cost per impression? Do you need to tweak your ads to make them more relevant and cost-effective? Should you use more specific targeting?

Lead Generation Metrics: How many visitors have filled out forms on your client’s website? How many have subscribed to their email newsletter? Are you generating new leads and converted leads? What are your conversion rates? Maybe your KPIs are showing that you need to bring in more qualified leads. How will you achieve this? Will you tweak your CTAs? Perform A/B testing? What about improving website copy?

Sales Metrics: Not every lead will result in making a sale. But you can measure how well you’re doing in the sales department with KPI metrics like lead to close ratio, cost per lead and lifetime lead value. This will help you determine the cost-effectiveness of your campaign and how many sales resulted from your campaign.

KPI Machine Learning Forecasts
KPI Monitoring with your Google Data in Jepto

Jepto enables out agency to be proactive, not reactive. Previously we had lagging indicators because it takes a lot more effort and time to take snapshots of the KPI, with support from Jepto, we know very quickly whether we are on track, or whether there is something lacking.

This is one of our key competitive edges.

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What is Anomaly Detection?

Computer machine learning can help parse data for you to learn what the normal operating metrics are for your company. You will know when your busy seasons are. Do you earn more in the last quarter? On its own, this isn’t very useful. Let’s say one year you earn less in December than usual. That’s an anomaly that the computer can alert you to. Not particularly useful, but gives you an idea of what is possible.

Jepto’s blog also says:

The real strength of anomaly detection comes when the computer is constantly crunching the data on the hundreds or thousands of analytics variables that you feed to it. This gives it the possibility to detect much finer-grained anomalies than a slower than usual month. If you have a slower July than usual, then you know to look for potential causes and address them. With computerized anomaly detection, you will be alerted to many more such opportunities to adapt your business. Opportunities that, unlike simple monthly sales figures, a human is unlikely to catch.

Jepto’s Unique Anomaly Detection

Jepto’s anomaly detection is complex. It is not simplistic at all, nor is it available out of the box with traditional tools. Jepto’s anomaly detection can be tied in with your KPIs or any other data that you provide their machines. It allows you to detect positive or negative developments earlier or give big picture snapshots of marketing performance. Jepto identifies three (3) different types of anomalies in a blog post:

Point Anomalies – Also known as global anomalies, this type of anomaly exists well outside of the norm for the data being examined. This type of anomaly is often used to detect fraud.

Contextual Anomalies – These anomalies are only outside of the data for a given circumstance. Our sales example is a contextual anomaly. If sales are lower than normal in July, they might be perfectly normal for January.

Collective Anomalies – Collective anomalies are anomalies that might not be out of the norm when taken individually, but combine to form a pattern that is outside of the norm. Running low on inventory is a common occurrence, but if an unusual number of items are low then it may indicate a problem.

Our First Hand Experience Using Jepto

The way Jepto works is to first create your Client Portfolio.

In the Portfolio section, there is a big plus icon for adding clients, and client details are minimalistic but crucial:

Client Creation Card

Next, you connect data sources. This is not a tutorial, so not all steps will be shown, but it is straightforward.

Following that, you go to KPI Management, select the client, and setup KPI tracking to the KPI you want:

KPI creation

KPI tracking is so smart, the title is self generating if you allow it.

The rest of the setup for Jepto is as simple as this, but we will not dwell on it because we are not teaching you how to use it, this is a product review.

Based on the parameters you set, Jepto conducts analysis on an ongoing basis and provides insights.

This is a real world scenario of how an insight can look like:

Insight example

The deep algorithms and the models created are not by all means a crystal ball. However, it does indeed, as Jepto’s technology claims allow you to be proactive with your KPI management. It is user friendly, and even the email reports are automatically aggregated based on the time you set for them to come in.

This means that for the marketer, you will never be overloaded with information or lose track of your reports. They will be compiled neatly and cleanly in a manner you can easily prescribe and the reports are easy to search.


The technologies of Jepto are founded on data science and machine learning, It ushers in a new era of technologies with limitless application, for solutions to scale your marketing. Companies and agencies wanting to make use of cloud software and prediction to model and understand future account activity will find that Jepto is very likely to deliver. It is very well developed and not half baked.

Jepto currently handles Google Products and Facebook, and I expect them to expand their data source offering in the future.

Jepto have also produced a free Google My Business Connector for integration with Google Data Studio. This shows their commitment to making innovations that matter, and I expect them to have high engagement with agencies and lead the conversation in what they do. Their forecasting tool is really something I have never seen before and dramatically lifts the playing field of the marketing and advertising automation domain.

Automating with Jepto is not only easy, but the answer to some scaling questions Analytics consultants and agencies have. It would take many systems including, high powered servers to get the ability to do what Jepto does. This service is going to be a pillar of the industry in my opinion, and businesses who are early adopters are going to have a leg up. Applications like this are rare. It is not easy to come u with a SaaS product that is so unique it is probably patentable and so groundbreaking, it will build margins to businesses who use it well. There really is nothing like this currently in the market, and with reasonable pricing, purchasing Jepto is a very low risk. Alternatively, you could just engage agencies like us who use it and we will make your Digital Marketing work!

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We give Jepto – 5/5

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What is Jepto?

Jepto is the newest artificial intelligence and predictive analytics marketing tool that is the first of its kind, using machine learning to monitor KPI and predict whether they will be met or will fall short.

What does Jepto do?

The main intelligent features of Jepto are:
KPI Monitoring
Budget Management
Anomaly Detection
Task Automation

Who is Jepto for?

Marketing agencies and marketing teams of businesses that use online methods of acquiring customers, such as a wbesite

Do you use Jepto?

Yes we do. If you want a cutting edge in your marketing, contact us and we’ll use Jepto to scale your results

I am a passionate and detailed Digital Marketer, running my own agency, Marketlytics in Perth, Western Australia. I specialise in Digital Advertising and I am trained in Analytics. I am a former Lawyer, International Real Estate Agent and Migration Agent, twice published in legal peer reviewed journals and sold record amounts of Australian property. Now I bring excellent results to my clients through Digital Marketing


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