We target the Australian migration industry, providing digital marketing services. We provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specifically for Australian migration agencies and migration law firms, and we are not green horns. We seek to answer the question in this article, is there finally a digital marketing agency who truly specialises in building the audience of an Australian migration company?

Our Major Cients

Our major clients include EasyMigrate and Loughton Yorke Lawyers, and we provide a full service for the Australian migration industry. We handle all their related websites. From paid channels like Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also known as PPC, to even areas like Email Marketing (EDM), we do it all. There are three main channels: Search, Social and Email. Whether your channel is Google or Facebook, we provide services to help you incorporate these channels and become profitable.

A comprehensive service makes your business reach maximum potential. Although the main driver of enquiries will eventually be organic searches, you must also consider other methods eventually. We have strong links in both the migration and digital industries.

Our Results

$6.96 Conversions
$6.96 Conversions

Our results are proven even based on SEM alone for EasyMigrate. Our Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) on February 2020 was $6.96! This is already showing a huge likely potential to scale on advertising alone! What would you do if a phone call or form submission only cost that much? This card alone won EasyMigrate over regarding the effectiveness of our services.

These are stellar results on the web that enable us to scale most migration agencies in Australia. We also provide website management inclusive of content creation. Our strategy is to emulate the EasyMigrate model and even improve on it! Everything from headings to phrases inform our approach.

We analysed the EasyMigrate website and know exactly why the formula works and how this model can get you ranking for keywords. Following EasyMigrate as a ready example or case study is a key consideration to get a similar result.

We are so ambitious achieving that same level is still not enough! We want our clients to be commercial giants with no rivals on the face of the Earth. We mean to bring stiff competition in this industry and we think we can do it.

Our Process

In our process, it is important to first audit your current site and build structural changes that will set you up for long term success online. User experience is an important way to get a client, not just hitting keyword terms. We help you keep top of mind to your website visitors.

Australian migration happens to be our best area of practice. We want to be a kingmaker in each State in Australia and strongly prefer if there is at least one lawyer in the migration practice.

The potential for SEO in this field is good. Aussizz Group, the current online leader has an estimated 30,000+ organic traffic on Google alone!

ausizz organic traffic
Estimated monthly organic traffic for Ausizz Group

Mobile traffic is always significant for these sites and attractive media a way to appeal to customers.

In comparison, according to third party tools estimate EasyMigrate has over 5,500 organic traffic each month, a formidable competitor to Aussizz. This is what we are offering. A comprehensive plan, of how to reach the size and might of Aussizz, holding your ground. Become a name as prolific as Ausizz.

easymigrate estimated traffic
Estimated monthly organic traffic for EasyMigrate

EasyMigrate easily holds its position as a business against national giants like Aussizz and True Blue Migration with ease. We know exactly how to make your migration agency an authority in the marketplace with enough number of backlinks and good rankings on search engines, even for specific visas, like family. Our link builders are specialists in this field.

What is common between EasyMigrate and Ausizz is a comprehensive digital plan.

However, our service is more comprehensive than getting some free traffic. We get you visibility in every major digital channel, as part of a specialist service. EasyMigrate is not a one trick pony. Being informational alone does not drive people to become your clients, though it helps. There are many different factors for their success in this competitive environment, and it is more complex than a few written blog posts. Blog articles are just a little part of the formula. We understand the digital side of things intimately. But this does not guarantee the success of your migration agency. Nevertheless, it is clear we can do effective lead generation for you and identify suitable long tail keywords for you to rank based on relevance.

Promoting a migration agency requires a lot of effort and energy to write content. We fully understand Australian immigration to a sufficient degree and have specialised teams writing on this topic. We regularly communicate with migration agents to find out new trends and thus know what people want. We also understand the legal side of things with our founding partner a former lawyer and former registered migration agent (RMA).

How Long Did It Take EasyMigrate To Figure This Out?

The time it will take you to figure out a viable growth formula for migration online, could be over six (6) years! That is how long it took for our client to figure out what will work when generating leads online. Do not go through all that trial and error, use our service and we will fast track you and put you well into the first pages of Google. Your migration agency or migration law firm needs to do more than end up on first page. We have strategies that help anyone who read your website to have a higher chance to convert. These days it is less about top ranking. It is about design, answering important questions through detailed relevant information to increase possible action from your reader.

Businesses are constantly flogged new types of techniques and technology to game the system. We are using something most don’t in this space. Strategy. Methodology. We can definitely effectively improve your brand presence and generate real qualified leads organically and through advertisements. We will bring your website visitors to the end of their customer journey, as your clients!

The elements that piece together Australian migration success have many parts, and SEO is just one aspect. We ensure success by analysing whole businesses and learning from them. If you want an edge over the competition and to surpass your competitors, ask us for a no obligation consultation.


In order to see results through our service as whole, it is pretty quick, but without investing time and energy and to look at the big picture, we cannot produce miracles. Every step closer to larger success needs to be followed by making continued and consistent effort, so your migration agency or migration law firm becomes great, not mediocre!

The sooner you start on this journey and the more often you pay attention to the moving parts of your online machine, the better dividends you get. Becoming a giant is not an overnight success. It takes intent for quality over quantity, advertising, social activity and so on. We want to create Agents with the colloquial title of kings and queens of migration in each State. That is what sets us apart from the others. We are after long term partners who want volume and depth, and need the means and the right consultant to do it.

Migration has many complicated topics and the difficulty of you finding another digital agency where the partner is both ex RMA and ex lawyer is second to none. We constantly learn new developments in this industry. To find someone else with this exact personal experience is likely a high chance impossible. You have a greater chance of winning the lottery than finding a long list of specialists like us. Even the language used in this industry needs formal experience.

Moreover, we have a team, it is not a one consultant show. To get backlinks that count is not as easy as guest blogs or nice looking landing pages. It involves making sure you offer good service and image is top notch so that reviews are good and we can focus on getting you sales rather than worry about overwhelming you. we want agents who build trust of their users. Our goal is to have at least one local major client in every major Australian city location except Canberra. We have a geographic limitation around Western Australia and will only take on WA clients if they are not a threat to our major client.

We are also actively looking for specialist migration law firms who handle criminal proceedings.

Contact us today and hire us if you consider your agency or firm deserving to enter greatness in Australian migration! You may also click the book a meeting button! If your business needs a boost directly, consider our Google Ads services. We welcome other queries as well. We are going to deliver you excellent results.


Who Are Our Major Migration Clients?

EasyMigrate and Looughton Yorke Lawyers of Western Australia

Why Are You Different From Other Specialists In This Area?

Our founding partner is both a former lawyer and a former registered migration agent (RMA)

What Results Can You Get Me?

Low cost paid results and effective long term organic results

How Are You Going To Help Our SEO?

By using EasyMigrate’s SEO strategy, duplicating and even improving it


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