Is Facebook Advertising Effective For Lawyers? Facebook is used for many businesses and some lawyers. We seek to help you decide whether Facebook is the right channel for your law firm.

Many firms target their audience via Google Ads. It is an obvious choice for lawyers because of “Search Intent”, helping lawyers get qualified clients. However, does Facebook Ads make sense in your law firm’s marketing?

Targeting audiences in Facebook is very powerful because it has a large audience base, and machine learning has processed many signals, allowing for effective reach via mechanisms such as the Facebook Pixel.

Google’s PPC data is based on keywords, whereas Facebook is based on psychographics. The difference is that keywords are finite but steady flowing the visitor is active, whereas a Facebook audience is a group of passive potential clients.

Campaigns for both behave very differently.

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Which areas of law are naturally good with Facebook?


Family Law (Divorce) performs well on Facebook. In Perth, Klimek & Wijay and Leach Legal have good campaigns, both with organic content and on paid. The sad nature where many relationships break down often and these services are in great demand, make it easy to convert visitors into leads.


Personal Injury also does well, and it is common for an US personal injury attorney to advertise on Facebook. This is also due to the common nature of their service, allowing them to easily garner interest and thus, customers.

The last common legal area that can market well on Facebook naturally, is migration (immigration). Visa issues are very common in many countries, including Australia, and Facebook is effective.

Special features of Facebook

Custom audiences can also target people with interest in your legal service, there are a few of them, including Lookalike Audiences. These take customer data, such as phone number or email, and by creating a social media ad campaign, you reach audiences with common features of your customers. Nearly any practice will find this useful if they can collect enough data to use it.

Retargeting is also available in Facebook, so there are a number of strategies a lawyer can use, even if they are not obvious to them. You can retarget users through website traffic.

Moderating Facebook access for legal practices

The Business Manager is the equivalent of Google Ads Agency Accounts. They allow only crucial access to be given to a consulting company or user. Advertisers will only receive adequate account access if done correctly, no more, no less.

Create the right Strategy

Even though Facebook is not keyword based, effective and specific landing pages or a funnel are still important. Pixel code must be installed early to track events. A successful Facebook campaign must target six different audiences, seen here:


Tracking conversions is essential to running on budget, which is not straightforward. Google and Facebook are competitors, and Google makes it intentionally hard for Facebook to track online because of they are competitors. This is how complex Facebook tracking can look:


Videos are usually quite effective on the platform, and have diverse approaches beyond normal television ads.


Facebook is one of the world’s most popular and frequently visited websites. Law firms should not avoid this efficient method of advertising, but need to deal with agencies who understand their business and profession. Is Facebook Advertising Effective For Lawyers? Yes. We would love to give a no obligation consultation for you to devise a Facebook Ad Strategy. See here for our Data-Driven Approach.

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Is Facebook advertising effective for lawyers?

Yes, usually in family law, personal injury and migration. As unconventional as it may seem, potentially many areas of law will benefit from Facebook advertising

What special features are good for most lawyers?

Custom audiences, including lookalike audiences and retargeting/remarketing audiences are useful for most lawyers, regardless of area of practice

How can you moderate access?

You can moderate access through the Business Manager, similar to Google

What is the most important part of a Facebook strategy?

Targeting all six audiences, from Unaware to Most Aware is crucial for Facebook success


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