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We target the Australian migration industry, providing digital marketing services. We provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specifically for Australian migration agencies and migration law firms, and we are not green horns. We seek to answer the question in this article, is there finally a digital marketing agency who truly specialises in building the audience of an Australian migration company?

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We are having our debut professional networking and education event on 17 March 2020.

The purpose of these events, which are planned as quarterly events, is to provide a networking environment for Digital Marketing Professionals across Western Australia that is about professional growth.

Junior members of the industry are more than welcome.

At the same time, we actively invite business owners, HR and other key persons for a fun no pressure event to educate an inform choices of Digital Marketers in Western Australia.

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A Google Consultant can mean a number of things. It could mean a consultant working directly for Google. But it can also mean a consultant external to Google, such as our business, Marketlytics. In this case, we are Google Consultants and the rest of the article follows this definition.

There is also a very specific role in Google Ads (previously AdWords) called an Account Strategist. This article seeks to explain the differences of external consultants like us, and Account Strategists, who come directly from Google. Both advise and help manage your campaigns, but have very different roles and objectives. To clarify, we suggest that both have their place and role and should work in concert rather than pure opposition.

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We offer Social Media Marketing Perth Services with a primarily local team based in WA, Australia. We provide digital advertising as a specialisation, and we specialise in the Facebook Platform including Instagram.

The most important considerations when choosing an agency for your business in this regard is whether they use a data driven approach. This approach is frequently claimed, but rarely executed correctly. We were trained by some of the best in the industry, which is of course, Americans, as that is where all the technology and capabilities came from. 

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