We offer Social Media Marketing Perth Services with a primarily local team based in WA, Australia. We provide digital advertising as a specialisation, and we specialise in the Facebook Platform including Instagram.

The most important considerations when choosing an agency for your business in this regard is whether they use a data driven approach. This approach is frequently claimed, but rarely executed correctly. We were trained by some of the best in the industry, which is of course, Americans, as that is where all the technology and capabilities came from. 

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Data Driven Social Media Marketing Perth Services

There are two important steps in order to achieve this. First is setting of goals and budget calculations. As we do in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), we establish campaign goals and objectives before any suggestion of budget. When you decide the budget arbitrarily, it is not data driven.

Here is an example of a budget calculation:

data driven facebook advertising

When you look at this digital advertising budget, you realise that your assumptions on how much to spend may be incorrect. By crunching the numbers for real, we get a good estimate on what might actually happen. Without this process, we are stabbing in the dark. Although this chart does not illustrate this, our agency experience demonstrates to us that spending more, does not always lead to better profits. You need to go through different scenarios to achieve profit maximisation.

We never assume, we look at the raw data and process it to give a forecast. That is our brand difference. Not gut instinct marketing, data driven marketing. As we say, Analyse, Adapt, Achieve. This feedback loop we do optmises all our campaigns and management efforts online. We do not only design creative content solutions, we audit your data like an accountant and make you profitable.

The Role Of Google Tag Manager In Facebook Pixel Event Tracking

The next important thing is use of Google Tag Manager to install the Facebook Pixel and set up Events. Many people are unaware that because of competition between Google and Facebook. Google sets in place intentional barriers to track and optimise conversions from Facebook.

However, we are trained to integrate Facebook and Google with Facebook’s suggested codes. By using Google Tag Manager, we reduce the speed penalty of your website, and improve customer experience. By having an integrated approach with both Facebook and Google, we generate growth easier.

See how complex it is to integrate both of these platforms together:

google plus facebook

As part of our strategy, we build out a detailed Customer Avatar, using a Customer Empathy Map, which maps out attributes of your ideal customer. We also record detailed audience attributes fetched directly from Facebook that help us build out a social media strategy for your business.

We use multiple audience combination based on input from and research on your business and brand. Advertising today needs constant management and to get results online is not as easy, though the reward remains great. 

Customer Journey

Furthermore, we are able to devise strategy for your online advertising. See below the customer journey:

customer journey

What social media is good at is bringing customers from being in the unaware stage of their journey to making the purchase. SEM is able to do similar, but not with the same mechanisms. We have strategies for every stage of the customer journey.

We also have access to social media management solutions. Our strategic experts can manage the interactions from the ads and the social media account itself, and increase results for businesses and brands.

The difference between SEM and Social Media Marketing (SMM) is that social media is social. There is brand engagement and platforms like this are not just about coming to a web page. Social posting content is the equivalent of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in social media. Even though the state of social media today is that paid is king, you need to build good organic efforts to get effective audience traffic and reach.

On a side note, would you like us to Analyse your business from an SEO standpoint?

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Done For You Social Media Marketing Services In Perth

We design all campaigns for you, and have networks to produce nearly any type of creative to grow your brand presence. Getting appropriate branding is still vital to businesses, it is not just about flogging your products and services. That is the best thing about us, we handle everything for you.

Social Media can do a lot of things, but it will be complemented by email marketing. We can also advise on this, even though it is not our primary service offering, you can find out more here.

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Our Niches

Our client niches are small to medium businesses and professional services. We perform best in the migration, education and legal industries, but take on suitable clients where we are skilled in or confident we will deliver. We do not advertise on LinkedIn or Twitter. See why you need the right agency for your current stage of business.


Social Media Marketing done right is an involved process. It is very hard to find an agency that doe sit right and many call themselves data driven, but few deliver. Although we are niched, we have connections across a wide range of experts such as website development agencies and SEO specialists at our fingertips we regularly refer to. Please call or contact us for Social Media Marketing Perth services. We will take the time to understand what you are looking for and help you start to be on the cutting edge in your marketing. Become the business that gets overwhelming leads or sales. 

Do you integrate Facebook and Google together in your advertising?


What is the most important measure for data driven Facebook advertising?

Goals and budget calculations and planning based on data given by Facebook

What is the main challenge in data driven Facebook advertising?

As Google and Facebook are in competition with one another, Google makes it hard to integrate the Facebook Pixel and their Events

Do we integrate Facebook and Google together in your advertising?

Yes, we use Google Tag Manager to manage the Facebook Pixel, combining the best of both worlds

How do I reach my target market on Facebook?

We map out your Customer Avatar in a detailed manner and fetch audience attributes directly from Facebook

I am a passionate and detailed Digital Marketer, running my own agency, Marketlytics in Perth, Western Australia. I specialise in Digital Advertising and I am trained in Analytics. I am a former Lawyer, International Real Estate Agent and Migration Agent, twice published in legal peer reviewed journals and sold record amounts of Australian property. Now I bring excellent results to my clients through Digital Marketing


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